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We offer the following types of training places:
School Direct Training Programme (Tuition Fee)
School Direct Training Programme (Salaried)
Core PGCE (Tuition fee)
The Salaried route is an employment based route in to teaching, for graduates with three or more years' career experience. (Please note that we are able to consider applications from high quality graduates with less than 3 years experience for shortage subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, languages and computing). The trainee is employed as an unqualified teacher by a school and their salary and training is subsidized by a government grant (depending on the subject). This Salaried route replaces the GTP route which has now closed. All Salaried trainees are on a QTS Programme (No PGCE)
The Tuition fee routes are open to all graduates and are funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee. The trainee may receive a bursary from the NCTL - depending on the subject being studied and the classification of the degree they hold. Please see the student finance section of the website for more details. All Tuition Fee trainees are awarded QTS. Most Tution Fee trainees are also awarded a PGCE (see list below)
Tuition fee courses which include a PGCE are as follows:
Art, English, Geography, History, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Drama, Music and Design Technology
Tuition fee courses which do not include a PGCE are as follows:
MFL, Psychology, Religious Studies and Computer Science
Tuition fees are slightly reduced for these trainees - see student finance section of the website
Support for all our trainees :
- a dedicated mentor within your placement school.
- weekly Subject Knowledge for Teaching (SKfT) development sessions with Subject Leader (4-6pm, most subjects on Tuesday).
- weekly Professional Studies development sessions (4-6pm on Thursday).
- access to the full range of University of Bedfordshire facilities - including the library (Tuition fee trainees)
- access to the University of Bedfordshire library (Salaried trainees)
- termly visits from all SKfT Subject Course Leaders and our Quality Assurance team to monitor and support trainee  progress and development.
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